How to sax up your workout

Every once awhile I come across an “internet thing” that inspires me. Check out my man Leo totally crushing it on the baritone sax!  He has definitely settled into his groove and is taking some steps to level up his performance. Don’t miss the fancy footwork at 1:10 and 2:00 in the video.

Leo inspires me for three reasons:

  1. He’s made the normally nerdy and boring baritone sax sound cool
  2. He’s super high energy and his dance moves are mesmerizing
  3. He exudes passion and dedication. He’s in the subway for crying out loud!!

What does any of this have to do with training or getting in shape for the Peachtree Road Race?

Great question! I think a lot of times our workouts end up being more like this guy instead of like Leo:

Elegant, relaxed, soothing and….BORINGGG!  You settle in to routine.  You do what’s comfortable.  “I ran another 3 miles today honey”  Blecht!  Quit checking the box and get out there and jam on your baritone sax.  God gave you an amazing, capable body.  Use it!

Take a step, get out of your comfort zone and get out there and crush it! I challenge you to Bring Sally Up today, it’s a tough one.


p.s.-  I’ve invited Leo (and his sax) down to Atlanta to Crush the Peachtree on July 4th!  I hope he comes.

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