Peachtree Road Race Physical Fitness Test

Day 1 in the 8 week trek to getting ready for the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th.

Are you ready to crush it?  Good, because it’s time for a fitness test.

Do you remember the Presidential Physical Test you had to take back in middle school?  I absolutely hated it.  Public shaming in front of your classmates as you do that crazy frog kick to try and get one pull-up done.

As embarrassing as taking the test in front of all my friends was, it told me something.  I had weak upper body strength (and I could do a great frog impression).

Here’s the deal, in order to measure your progress, you need to measure where you are now.  If you don’t know where you are now, you can’t tell how well your training is working for you going forward.

Tomorrow is about setting your baseline for the program.  It’s important to note that you need to meet the test where you are.  If you haven’t run or done push ups recently, go easy.  Don’t kill yourself, but do push yourself.  Only you know your body, listen to it.

Here’s the test.

Get out there and get your physical fitness patch. No public shaming.

Get out there and crush it!

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