Top 10 Things to Do Right Now to Get Ready for the Peachtree


Most people start trying to develop the running habit by going out on a Sunday or whenever it happens to be convenient.  This is dumb.  There is something more important than just getting out and running.  You HAVE to be 100% clear on this before starting to train (or you’ll just waste a massive amount of time).  The thing you have to be clear on… “Why?”

Why do you want to run the Peachtree?

Why do you want to get into shape?

What would be measurably different in your life if tomorrow morning you woke up and you had crossed the finish line with your best time ever?

So many people want to get in shape, lose weight, get stronger, feel awesome and conquer the Peachtree.

We start the week off with good intentions. We say to ourselves that this is the week to that we get rolling.  We buy new shoes.  Maybe a shirt and or even an app.  

Yet no matter how much information we consume or stuff we buy, it still seems impossible to wake up Monday morning and get a workout in.

1 run here.

3 runs there.

6 months later we have a new pair of shoes and still struggle to get a workout in..


But despite that massive frustration, there are some people who do it. There are some who break through and accomplish huge goals.  Those people don’t start with strategies though.

They start by answering the question “Why?” first.

Without a clearly defined reason for starting down this path you will quit.

100% guarantee you will quit.



You’ll hit obstacles. You’ll want to quit. You’ll think the entire pursuit isn’t worth it.

But those that have a clearly defined reason for killing themselves to reach their goal…they make it. They keep working despite wanting to give up.  So….

What is your #1 goal?

Is it to cross the Peachtree finish line with a smile?

Is it to improve your time from last year by 10%?

Is it to finally develop the habit of working out and lost that 15 pounds that’s weighing you down?

Why do you want that goal?

Do you want to put those jeans on from high school again?

Do you want to run the Peachtree because you want to prove to yourself that you can run a 10k?

Do you want to crush your time because you know you have more and you want to push the limits and show yourself what you are truly capable of?

Do you want to get rid of that gut that’s weighing you down?


“I want ____insert your what here______ because I would like to be able to ____insert your why here______.”  Now post it on your computer or on your mirror in your bathroom, somewhere you will see it everyday.  When things get tough or you want to quit, you need a reminder of your why.

ptree goal


The good news here, is that by being on this list, you are going to get a built in plan.  So you can mark this one off!  This plan is going to require some time, so start thinking about what part of the day you are going to get your workouts in.


Along the lines of telling others about your goal, you need to identify the thing that holds you back.  

What’s your kryptonite?

If you don’t know, think about the one thing that you feel guilty about after you do it.  Is it chocolate?  Is it beer?  Is it the snooze button?

Call it out.  Name it

The simple act of naming it takes it’s power away.  If you want, get a post it, write your goal on it and put it with the kryptonite.



There’s something about telling others what you plan to do it.  We end up making an internal commitment to ourselves and to the person we tell.  It gives them permission to ask you about it and see how it’s going.  It ups the ante to get out there and make things happen.

Tell your significant other, your best friend, the dude checking you out at the grocery store.  Someone.  

Post this on your favorite social channel:

“I’m getting ready for the Peachtree.  Want to join me?


Decide what you are going to reward yourself with after you accomplish your goal.  Hang that carrot out there to add a little motivation in the mix.  Take a picture of it and print it out.  Put it next to that goal you wrote down.


It goes without saying that if you want to run the Peachtree and you don’t have a number yet, well,  you’re gonna need one!  If you didn’t register on time this year, registration closed March 22nd.  Now go make two notes on your calendar one for June 15th, 2016 to remind you to start asking around for an extra number and one for March, 1 2017, so you don’t end up in the same boat next year.

If you already registered, good on ya!  You can check this off your list.   


Stop reading this, go to your sink and down a big glass of water.  You need to get used to drinking a lot of it.  Water is like oil for you body, without it your parts don’t function so well.  The last thing you want is is some injury plaguing you before you even get rolling and then you have to sit out the race.  I try to stick to 1 glass per hour.  Make it a habit.  Use the smarts on your smart phone and setup an hourly reminder if you have to.



Go for a walk, go for a run, do some jumping jacks.  Do anything that gets your body moving.  Connect the vision you have accomplishing your goal with some sort of physical activity.  


You can expect an email from me every 2 days. For the next week.  Each email will end with 2-3 (very specific) action items. You are encouraged to work along and complete these actions.

Ready to get going?


  1. Write out what you want and why you want it and tell someone about it.
  2. Name your guilt.
  3. Choose a reward for accomplishing your goal.
  4. Drink a glass of water and get active for 15 minutes.
  5. Email me and let me know what you came up with in 1-3 above, pictures would be awesome.   

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