Whatever you do, don’t fear the beard

Every morning before I head out to hustle for the day I kiss Miss Lovely good bye.  Today was no different.

I packed my bag, grabbed my power lunch and headed for the door where she was waiting for her daily smooch. I leaned in, laid one on her and was met with a not so pleasant reply.

You see, I have a beard.  It’s apparently not so pleasant to be on the receiving end of that kiss and I was made fully aware of that today. After being rejected it felt a little like this….

Starting a new training program can feel a lot like kissing a beard.  BUT you can’t fear it!  You have to commit.  You have to KISS IT NOW!! Behind that beard is something you love.  It may be bristly and painful right now, but pretty soon you will work through it..

That’s what this week is about. Working through it.

You have to work through making the time to workout, you have to work through feeling whipped at the end of a timed mile, you have to work through choosing that extra beer or a little ice cream before you head off to bed.  Something deep in you wants to work through it.  You wouldn’t be reading this email if you didn’t want it.

Tomorrow is your first workout in week 1 of the Crush the Peachtree program.  This is the bread and butter or what is going to get you ready to crush it, so work through it.

Here is the workout:

  • Warm Up 4:00 min
  • Workout 16:00 min (@ % of timed mile pace)
    • 2:00 Jog (50%)
    • 1:00 Run (75%)
    • 0:30 Sprint (85%)
    • 0:30 Walk (25%)
    • Repeat 4X
  • Cool Down / Stretch 10:00 min

I recommend using Seconds Timer Pro Circuit Timer to run this workout.  First one to hit reply and say, “I’m ready to Crush It!” gets this app as a gift from me.

Until next time, don’t fear the beard and get out there and crush it!


p.s. – Diet tips are coming.  If you want a jump start, here are two pro tips to get you going this week.

Tip #1 – Drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up.
Tip #2 – Eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up.  A couple eggs will do it.

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