What does AC/DC have to do with working out?

Today we are going to institute a little jedi mind trick into your workout.  This one thing, if used to your advantage, has the power to transform your workout performance.  It will give you a competitive advantage and free you to perform at a level you didn’t know was possible.  This tactic is so effective that it was banned from a high profile sporting event and was considered to be along the lines of substance abuse.

The weird thing is, you probably already do this, or have done this at some point in time.  Once you are aware of this trick, you can totally use it to your advantage in your training to up your game and achieve your goals faster.

What is this magic elixir?  Music, yep music.  Here’s the deal.  Music alters emotional and physiological arousal and can be used as a stimulant to foster an optimal mindset.  It also acts as a focusing mechanism that diverts your attention from fatigue and lowers your perception of effort.  This is deep stuff.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, duh, I do that all the time.  But are you really taking advantage of it?  Are you choosing songs that energize you, that have a beat that carries you and pushes you?

Take a listen to this:

Did you feel it?  Did you feel the energy rise in your body?  That’s what you want.  That extra shot of musical substance that gets you fired up to crush your work out.

We will talk more on this later, but for now Week 1 in the 8 week Crush the Peachtree training program is coming to a close and it’s time for you Friday workout surprise!

Here’s your workout:

  • Warm Up: 6:00 min (Jog)
  • Workout:
    • Jumping Jacks to Thunderstruck by AC/DC for the whole song; when you hear the word Thunder or Thunderstruck do a Burpee
    • 5 X 200 meter hill (2:00 min rest between each)
  • Cool Down Stretch: 5:00 min

Get out there and crush it!

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