Do you want to look good neked?

What’s up Crush-Dang-Diggity Dawgs?!

This week we are talking about “working in” your week 2 workouts as you get ready to Crush the Peachtree.  Working it in is all about setting up a successful structure – schedule your workout- for getting your workouts done and keeping your motivation strong as the emotional high of starting a program like this begins to fade. – schedule your workout

Honest question… Why do you workout? – to look good naked

Have you ever started a workout plan – to look good naked – Immediately lost some weight, body fat and generally start to feel awesome. Then just 4 weeks in, you stall, sputter and quit.

All of the gains you saw from losing weight – to look good naked – disappeared, and within 3 months you are right back to where you started.

WTF?  What happened?

Simple: You didn’t have a clearly stated reason – to look good naked – for doing the workouts.  You must have a clearly articulated reason for pursuing your goal or you will quit long before you reach it.  So, here is my question to you…

Why do you want to workout, – to look good naked – why do you want to run the Peachtree or that next race you are training for?

Because you get a t-shirt? If that’s your reason, you are in big trouble.

Here are 3 tips to help keep you motivated and on the track to crush it!

Tip # 1 – Articulate your why
Get out a pen and paper.  Write this sentence down “I want to _____ because I want to be able to _____.”  Don’t forget to fill in the blanks. That’s the important part.  🙂

Tip # 2- Tell someone else
This is strongly related to Monday’s Tip #3 “Get an Accountability Partner “.  Every time you tell someone about your goal, you are clarifying what you are trying to accomplish and you are subtly creating an incentive to do the thing you said you wanted to do.

Tip # 3 – Tell yourself
Same reason as above.  Here’s a cool way to do it.  Create an account with If this then that (it’s free).  Create a new recipe:  If (Date & Time) then (SMS).  You choose the time and add your why statement in the text message.  Boom you get a text reminder every day telling you what you want to get out of working out.  I recommend you send it to yourself early in the morning.

Get out there and crush it!

J – Mr. Subliminal – Z

p.s. – If you didn’t understand this email, watch this video.  Don’t worry, there are no naked people to be seen in it.

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