Workout and eat your donuts too

I hope you got out there and crushed it this weekend!  Check out this text I got today:

Oh Yeah!  He CRUSHED IT! ….and the follow up…

I love this text for three reasons:

  1. He’s off the plan, but he’s making tweaks and improving his workout.
  2. He’s hanging in there, working it out, pushing the limit.  He put himself in a position where he had to go big by running half way out in a loop run, he had no shortcut back.  Brilliant hack!
  3. He devoured a pack of donuts afterward (notice there are 3 left).  After a run like that, he deserved it.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself 7.2 miles!!  I can barely motivate myself to get 2 miles in 1 day during the week, but I could sure as heck pound that box of donut holes, no problem.

Here’s the thing, you gotta start where you are.  If you aren’t active at all and you are sitting on on the sidelines, maybe dabbling a little here and there…

take 1 additional step this week

If you are struggling with the plan, but you are striving to do better..

just take 1 additional step this week

If you are crushin’ it like my friend, mix it up, own it, but…

take 1 additional step this week.

So, what’s it gonna be for you?  What’s the 1 step that you are going to take this week to move in the direction of your “why” for doing these “what’s”?

This week’s plan has six workouts.  Crusher’s do 5,  Striver’s, I suggest you pick 3 and dabbler’s you get at least 1.  It’s time to start settlin’ in to your workout routine.

Go get ’em!


p.s. –  I would love to hear from you.  Let me know what step you are going to take this week.

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