Remember the death crawl the next time you hit the wall

Here’s the quickest, easiest and most non-scientific way to face “the wall” when you hit it.

Run through it.

That’s it!  One foot in front the other, plod on and get through it.

I hit the wall this morning doing my road work.  As my legs started to burn and I was tempted to ease up and start walking I was reminded of this scene from Facing the Giants. Check it out. The video is 6 minutes, but it’s worth it.

My battle with the wall this morning was no death crawl, but I gave it my absolute best and ran through it.

You are hard wired for self preservation and pain avoidance…giving more than you think you have…well…some times just takes a little external motivation to push your limits.  For me, it was bringing up the image of that coach pushing his player to give his absolute best.  As the sweat rolled down my face and my hips felt like they were being squeezed tight, I could hear that coach saying “keep moving, don’t quit ’til you got nothin’ left”.

So, next time you find yourself hitting the wall in the middle of your run think of the death crawl and show “coach” whatcha got.

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