The New Shoe Rule

I got a new pair of shoes and when I first saw them…I was skeptical. The toe box is wider than anything I had ever seen before. I have big feet to begin with, size 13, so when I put them on and looked down… …ok maybe not that bad… I couldn’t imagine running in […]

Zero Dark Thirty

Cock-a-doodle-doo. I grew up next to a farm.  Every morning the roosters would crow as the sun came up.  The sun always came up before I wanted it to. I’m pretty sure this is what they were sayin’…hey, it’s time to get up!  Time to start the day.  The sun is up.  You can see […]

Remember the death crawl the next time you hit the wall

Here’s the quickest, easiest and most non-scientific way to face “the wall” when you hit it. Run through it. That’s it!  One foot in front the other, plod on and get through it. I hit the wall this morning doing my road work.  As my legs started to burn and I was tempted to ease […]

What will your next run mean to you?

Have you ever wondered what your parents were thinking when they named you? You see, names mean things, and I’m pretty sure your parents assigned some meaning to your name. Are you… family name baby.. popular culture name baby.. special place of conception name baby.. baby name no one else has ever had baby.. special […]

Injured? Don’t get mad. Get even.

Out for her afternoon run, the innocent runner had no idea that the car passing by wanted to run her over. Jenn watched the runner from her car as she pulled out of her neighborhood to head to dinner with her husband.  She couldn’t help but watch. The runner was impressive.  Lean, fast, working hard […]

How to sax up your workout

Every once awhile I come across an “internet thing” that inspires me. Check out my man Leo totally crushing it on the baritone sax!  He has definitely settled into his groove and is taking some steps to level up his performance. Don’t miss the fancy footwork at 1:10 and 2:00 in the video. Leo inspires me […]

Workout and eat your donuts too

I hope you got out there and crushed it this weekend!  Check out this text I got today: Oh Yeah!  He CRUSHED IT! ….and the follow up… I love this text for three reasons: He’s off the plan, but he’s making tweaks and improving his workout. He’s hanging in there, working it out, pushing the limit. […]

Do you want to look good neked?

What’s up Crush-Dang-Diggity Dawgs?! This week we are talking about “working in” your week 2 workouts as you get ready to Crush the Peachtree.  Working it in is all about setting up a successful structure – schedule your workout- for getting your workouts done and keeping your motivation strong as the emotional high of starting a […]

Want to get fit? You gotta start working it in

Last week we talked about “working it out” and the magic of the number three. Getting three workouts under your belt is important for fighting through the soreness and for generating some positive momentum as you introduce a new habit.  This week is going to be about “working it in”.  Working in the time in […]